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Generate energy while supporting a healthier environment

With an affordable wind turbine, you will not only save money but also substantially reduce your carbon footprint. Get your estimate *.

What we do

At Affordable Wind Turbines, we’ve developed an innovative and simple way to generate clean, renewable energy for your home.

Affordable is our patented vertical axis wind turbine. Made here in the USA, our technology operates at extremely low wind speeds, is virtually noiseless and can be installed in under an hour.

With a built-in electricity converter, you simply plug the system into your home outlet and you are creating your own power.

Why choose us

plug-and-play residential wind turbines 

Starting at a very low price, the Affordable turbine typically pays itself off within 2 years.

Minimum maintenance

With only 2 moving parts, never worry about cleaning or servicing your turbine.


Regardless of the wind speed, the Affordable Wind turbine remains perfectly quiet.

Simple installation

Be up-and-running in under an hour, using just one tool.


Strong, yet lightweight construction is guaranteed to last a lifetime.

Wide operating window

From a light breeze to very strong gusts, our technology is optimized to work at any wind speeds.

plug-and-play residential wind turbines
plug-and-play residential wind turbines