Affordable Wind Turbines

Portable Wind Turbines

1 kw portable wind turbine
Portable wind turbine 1 kilowatt

Easily generate clean power anywhere you go with this small wind turbine!
  Prewired and  this turbine is ready to join your next adventure.
  The steel reinforce fiberglass blades are securely bolted to the generator hub.
      Thick UV resistant housing and blades are tested in a real engineering wind tunnel.
  Different mounting types to suit your application.


  Easy to Install, Portable, & Safe.  IP68 waterproof
  Includes built-in diode to rectify the 3 pahse ac to dc .
  Grid tied power inverter included  all built in

Why Off Grid Systems Should Include Both Solar AND Wind

Wind speeds are highest during the winter months when solar resources are at their minimum
Air density is highest in winter maximizing wind power production
  Wind provides power during inclement weather when sunshine is not present
  Wind provides power at night

If Wind, Why Affordable Wind Turbines ?

  Reliability:  5-year warranty with many units installed globally since 2008
  Up Tower Controller:  Integrated controls inside the turbine regulate battery voltage
  Ease of Installation:  affordable wind turbines plugs directly in a wall outlet
  Certifications:  CSA approved to UL and CSA specifications*
  Quiet Operation**

portable wind turbine 1 kilowatt
1 kw portable wind turbine